Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Organizing the Pantry

It's WFMW time again...

I love to have order in my life and my home, so when we looked at the model of our house for the first time I fell in L. O. V. E. with the pantry. (Well that's what did it for me!) I am usually way too busy during the school year to be hunting for things, so I make sure that my pantry is in good order to make our lives easier.

If I were to just put things in they pantry without any rhyme or reason I would 1) never know what we have and 2) never be able to find anything. I have my shelves organized by like things.

On the top shelf is the pasta, paper and plastic goods, and extras.

Second shelf is baking supplies (flour, sugar, oats, mixes), rice, extra olive oil and cooking spray, and our little candy stash.

The third shelf is cereals, drink supplies (Nesquik, lemonade, tea bags, coffee, hot chocolate), and condiments.

The fourth shelf is all about the breads and snacks. I have a basket for the cheese crackers, the little cookies, granola bars, fruit rolls, chewy bars, popcorn, and breads. I LOVE my baskets. Let's just say K is very happy we don't live closer to Ikea! I on the ther hand wish we did live closer because their prices for baskets are so reasonable!

The fifth shelf is where I keep all of my canned goods and K's cup-o-soups.

I use the floor area too! I keep the drinks (juices, root beers, mochas) and potatoes and onion baskets on the floor.

I try to keep all of the items together so I know at a glance what we need when it is time for grocery shopping. I know it may seem a little too OCD, but it works for me and best of all my family knows just where to look when they need something from the pantry. I hope this helps answer any questions from this post.

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  1. I love your pantry, too! Seeing this is perfect timing for me because I am on the verge of adding some much-needed containers to my pantry. I already have the containers I just need to do it! Thanks for the inspiration!


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