Monday, July 27, 2009

Seeing My Boys HAPPY!

It's Gratituesday time and I am still in post trip mode right now, but one thing keeps running through my boys had a really great time at Legoland! They are usually pretty happy kids, but they were SUPER happy kids last week! I am so grateful that we were able to take them to a place they love and experience things we missed on our last trip. So I'll leave you today with pictures of my monkeys...and gratitude in my heart for our wonderful little trip!

Trying to spin the wheel and make dad sick!

Mr. L in his cool kid pose!

N is ready to battle alongside the Bionicles!

Big Z humoring his mama and posing for a picture!

All three in their natural habitat...a place for BUILDING!

Head on over to Laura's at Heavenly Homemakers and see what everyone else is grateful for today!

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  1. I've never been but it looks like a lot of fun and I bet the boys will be talking about it for months to come!

    Great pictures!

  2. Looks like they all had tons of fun!

  3. Looks like they had tons of fun!!

  4. They are so precious! Boys love those Legos!

  5. I bet that is a fun place for boys! What precious memories!

  6. family vacations are truly a special blessing!

  7. That looks like a lot of fun! I've heard of Legoland, where is it? Thanks for coming by my blog. My cousin keeps getting better by the day. God is so good. Please pray for her salvation!

  8. Your boys certainly did look like they were have a great time. I can hardly wait until my nephew gets a bit bigger and we can take him to theme parks.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.


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