Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not Much This Week...

Well I was all excited to go out this weekend because of some Craigslist ads that had been hyping their sale ALL week. Oh my goodness is all I have to say! Yuck, nada, nilch, nothin' worth anything to me. I was so bummed! I mean really if you're going to advertise please be honest! Enough of my soap box! Ahem. Ok. Now back to business!

I did find a couple of unadvertised sales and they turned up a couple of little things I had been looking for on my list. The first real sale was a fundraiser for a missionary group in Africa. A bunch of older ladies were running it and boy were they EXCITED! They were so cute and just having a ball trying to sort out all of the stuff they had gathered for the sale. I found 2 shirts and 2 boxes of the Dryel laundry products for $5. If you use the Dryel stuff you know one box is about $10, so I snatched them up when I saw them for 2 bucks each. Not exciting, but definitely a savings for me. I had been putting off buying any, so my procrastination turned out to be for the best! The first shirt I found was a little sleeveless tunic, so cute! The second was a darling white t-shirt with a little cut-out button hole at the neckline. I had made a mental note to find a couple of white shirts to go with my skirts from last week. Check, mission accomplished!
I also found more Legos. The lady at that sale actually went and found more for me when she saw what I had picked up! Too funny!

The next sale I found was close to my house so I stopped by to have a look. I am glad I did! I found a cute, cute skirt and a second white button-up shirt for $1 each. The best find was a pair of black knee-high leather boots for $2. I had just been pricing some out for the fall and at $80 I decided to wait, I am so glad I did!

It wasn't a great week, but I still had fun! Now you can head over to Rhoda's at Southern Hospitality to see what everyone else scored this weekend!

Until next time,


  1. Well, you might not have seen anything that you thought was exciting, but at least you found some things that you could use! Great deal on the Dryel!

  2. Nice boots!!! I haven't tried the Dryel...maybe I'll pick some up at Target this week. :) Thanks for the visit! :)

  3. You've found some cute little skirts and shirts the past couple of weeks, but those $2 boots were an unreal bargain. Good job!
    :-) Sue

  4. sometimes you don't get much but fun!


  5. Great finds! Awesome deal on the boots, love them! Thanks So Much for stoppin by and checkin mine out!! Have a Great Week!

  6. Hi! Glad you found some stuff you could use. Those boots are a great find! I know what you mean - last year I was scouring eBay all the time for black boots. Everyone was wanting them, and the prices were too high for me.
    Thanks for stopping over at my blog.
    Mary Lou

  7. You did great! I love to find clothes & shoes for so cheap. Love the boots!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    You are so lucky to find cute clothing at yard sales, I never have any luck in that department. And great price on the boots!

  9. Such cute clothes! The dryel things are pretty exciting to me!

  10. I love craigs...but, sometimes not so never know ....Great finds - you are getting good !
    Hugs ~ Kammy


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