Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

I was pretty sure it was going to be a slow weekend for sales, but we did see quite a few. I found some goodies for my classroom, some more fabric napkins, more material, another picture frame in need of some paint love, clothes, and Legos. I also found the most adorable little Santa Claus tea light holder. I know it's only July, but I couldn't help it!

The material, napkins, and frame were a steal for $2.00. Slowly but surely I will build up our napkin supply. I was going to get some at my beloved Target, but $1 for 8 at a yard sale overrules $10 for 12 in my book. The best part was they had never been used, the tags were still attached!

I headed over to another sale that was suppose to have a bunch of classroom materials, but unfortunately I didn't see much for school. I did, however; find a great deal on clothes for me! At $0.50 each I made out with 3 skirts, 1 long sleeve blouse, and a beautiful red wool cardigan. All great name brands and everything fit when I got home, so no money wasted!!

I found a bunch of great books, the Legos, and the Santa at another sale. I got everything there for $5.00. Since they were mostly hardcover books I know I scored big time for my classroom! (I just realized looking at the picture the boys had already made off with some of the books. What a terrible thing it is to have kids that like to read! Teeheehee!)

We also found some cute model planes for the boys to add to their loft decor. At $1.00 for the pair K was pretty happy. I also found some wood craft kits for the boys to build. At $1.00 each it was a great bargain compared to the original $14.99 price tag for each.

On to practical things, we found a little evaporative cooler for $2.00. Spoiled dogs is all I have to say about that one!

I went out Sunday too and found more Legos (never opened) and 2 Magna Doodles for a whopping $3.00. I have wanted some Magna Doodles for my class for a while, but retail prices were just too much. Now that problem is solved!

My favorite finds this weekend were a memo board that goes great with the kitchen nook decor (At $0.50, I couldn't resist!) and a very feminine top top for $1.65 at Salvation Army. It is so girly and I love the pattern!

I didn't realize all the goodies we found until I started listing everything for you all! I guess it was better than I thought!!!

To see other great finds join Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Treasures.


  1. Hi, Amy Lynne, you DID find some great things after all. So glad you all got out there and shopped too. It usually is slow on the holidays. Love all you found!

  2. Hi Amy Lynne !
    Love all your finds..great deals for you and your class ! What a great way to build up your
    supplies and for cheap !
    Hugs ~ Kammhy
    p.s. really - 50 cents for clothes ? geesh

  3. I always hear that teachers supplement their classroom supplies with their own money, so it's good to see that you found some things at a great price!

  4. You did great! I love the memo board and that top is darling! Great savings on the toys! Love the cute frame and the fabrics!

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. These days, a teacher HAS to shop thriftily in order to get things for her students. It can add up paying for things out of your own pocket. You got some good buys on clothing too.
    :-) Sue

  6. Wow! You found some great things!
    Great deal on the fabric and napkins. A girl can never have too much fabric!! :)


  7. WOW! You found excellent things! Love everything!!

  8. I need to do more yard saleing! :D Great finds.

    Thank you so much for the comment change. ;)

    Have a blessed week!!


  9. found a lot of great deals! I have yet to go yard-saleing this summer but I am getting the urge to go especially after seeing everything you got!

  10. Great finds. I love the books that you found. Always love good deals on books.

    Great find on the clothes too.

  11. I love the airplanes! I have seen some like that at Ross for $20 and have wanted to buy them for my son's room...

  12. got so many great deals! What a haul. Especially love that cute shirt!


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