Monday, July 13, 2009


I mentioned yesterday that we are now planning a trip to Legoland next week. We took the boys last summer and they have not quit talking about it since then. In case you're new here my boys (all 4) are LEGO MANIACS! They love all things Lego, so the park is like a little piece of heaven on Earth for them.

My Boys last summer.

K and I had settled that we should not go this summer (due to K's work issues and not wanting to spend our savings quite yet), but K's mom and dad (AKA grandma and papa) weren't having any of that talk. They are generous people and after a conversation with K and the boys last weekend grandma gave me a check that will more than cover all of costs for a 3 day trip to Legoland. I was reluctant to accept such a gift, but K put it to me this way, "If it were your grand kids wouldn't you do the same thing?" Of course I would!

The boys are beyond excited and I am so happy they don't have to wait until this fall. We will get to enjoy the rides, the water activities, and the brand new aquarium! We are going to be making our own lunches and dinners, so we can stretch the gift as far as possible! I love the challenge of trying to get the best deals on everything! Costco had the best ticket prices and we found a great rate on a hotel (with continental breakfast), so we're off to a great start for our frugal trip!

So on this Gratituesday I am so very thankful for the generosity of Grandma and Papa! You both rock!

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  1. Your family is too cute! I get jealous everytime that I hear people talk about Legoland! I wish lived nearby it. Have fun!

  2. My son is a huge lego fan so we went to Legoland 3 years ago. We had so much fun! I loved that all of the rides were geared towards younger kids and those lego creations are amazing! My son cried when we had to pack up and go home. We are making camping plans for next week and I am in the same mindset about planning breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Vacations are vacations for everyone except the mom. Oh to be a kid again.


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