Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sick Day

Just so you know I H*A*T*E being sick.
Colds, flu, allergies it doesn't matter the cause.
I am an equal opportunity hater of being ill.

Well guess what found me Sunday? Yup, the nasty keep you in bed, make your head pound and stomach sick flu. I was not a happy camper, no sir re. Doesn't the flu know I am a mama and I have boys to take care of, things to do, and a house to keep? I realized trying to be superwoman wasn't going to help, so I rested and slept and let my body fight off the invaders!

But guess what, it only knocked me out for about 1 day because we have been working on building up our bodies by eating whole foods and using natural remedies when we feel a cold coming on. I really truly believe that little bug didn't hang around long because my body has really built up its natural defenses.

I am grateful today for the bloggy world and my friend B who opened my eyes to the importance of good solid nutrition as a main source for physical health! The flu might get in, but it won't be able to hang out long!

I am feeling a million times better today just in time to become a mama to an official teenager (more about that in another post)! Holy smokes!

Until next time,

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