Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I Learned {week 2}

What I learned this weekend....

the boys are reflecting the attitudes K and I have developed, nothing like looking in a mirror to see something yucky. We are fixing this big time!

I want all of us to do some sort of community service, but I want the boys to be safe. Trying to find a good place for all of us to serve.

I love working side by side with K

I love it when K wakes up early and we get to talk without little people commentary

my boys really love reading

K and Z are good at doing computer projects together

the urge to be able to stay home full time and home school the monkeys is getting stronger

the boys and K have about a trillion Lego pieces

I love having the freezer full of the boys' favorite breakfasts

checking things off my TO DO list makes me smile!

What did you learn this weekend?

Until next time,

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