Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Teenager

Today I am officially a mother to a teenager. How did that happen so fast??? I swear he was just born and I just became a mom a few minutes ago! My 5 pound baby is now bigger than me!

I have to say having Z was the most amazing and scary thing that ever happened in my life! I was so excited to have him here with me! What a blessing this kid has been!!

He is so very smart, I mean scary, genius smart. He blows his teachers and us away everyday! His sense of humor is amazing and he loves to laugh. This kid does not hold back the belly laughs. His imagination and memory are unbelievable! His heart is so big and his love for his family is so strong. I find it humbling that this teenager still loves being with his mom and dad. I guess we are doing a good job instilling the importance of a close knit family!

Every time he comes up to hug me I make note to cherish it! Every time we are cooking together in the kitchen I cherish it! I am loving watching him become more confident in the kitchen. He is so open to trying new things. I love watching him become so proficient with his computer programming. When K isn't here to help him get through a rough patch in his program Z pushes through until he figures it out. I guess the stubbornness K and I passed on to him is good for something! I love that he is so willing and eager to learn good life skills as well as all his academic pursuits.

I cannot wait to see what the world has in store for Z. He has so much to offer this world and I know he is going to be an amazing man!

Happy Birthday Baby! I hope you continue to enjoy life and all it holds for you!

Love lots,


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